Pet care

Comprehensive General Pet Care Services

From Regular Checkups to Emergency Surgery

The goal is to prevent illness in your pets before it starts. You'll find comprehensive general pet care services available at Veterinary Healthcare Center of Clifton Inc, including physical exams, parasite control, vaccinations, spaying and neutering and blood tests.
  • Nutritional changes and Nutraceuticals instead of drugs
  • Blood chemistry, CBC, special blood tests, ultrasounds
  • X-rays, blood pressure screening and MRI referrals
Pet Care

Advanced Surgical Techniques

All patients are screened for safety and anesthetics are carefully administered. Our veterinary surgical services include a fully trained technical staff, advanced sterilization techniques, ECG and oxygen saturation monitors, high-quality suture materials, IV fluids and blood monitoring as needed.
Call us to schedule an appointment with us for general pet care!
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